Stories get told

stories get told

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Your love story is the greatest adventure you will embark on. Your wedding should be an adventure too, and feel like YOU.

That's what I'm for: the days that are genuinely, authentically yours. Because here's the thing that got lost somewhere: your wedding day is about your commitment to marriage, to each 

other. It's not about who your grandma can and can't sit by at the reception and how drunk your uncle will get at the open bar and whether or not the garter toss is a must-do.

We'll spend your day with the two of you focused on each other -- that's how it really should be.

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Hey! I’m Kelsey, an intimate wedding and elopement photographer in Indiana, and I have a perfect wedding family photo checklist for you. Over the years, I’ve seen lots of my couples struggle building a family photo list that flows well and doesn’t leave anything important out. This is the perfect base shot list to work from […]

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