I'm a midwest-based traveling photographer who loves pasta, laughing, good sunlight, and the office reruns. your dog is always welcome.

More than a Photographer.

a storyteller.

Hey, I'm Kelsey. My husband and I live in Lafayette, Indiana, with our fur children: a fluffy orange cat, a Mastiff, a Malinois, and two Arabian horses.

I'm a storyteller, in all senses of the word. For as long as I can remember, I have loved moments, memories, and emotions, and that means I love capturing them in all different mediums. I was a writer first.

There's something about a great photograph (or story) that stirs up emotions in all of us, a kind of nostalgia for memories or even for experiences we haven't had yet.

I've been photographing weddings for 7 years now, and they still make me cry. I work to learn your story first, and then capture the way it feels.






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Enneagram 4 who is prepared for everything, knows too much about serial killers, and is always training to climb the next mountain. Good at bustling dresses,  finding epic hikes, and thrifting boots.

Sometimes cooking, almost always listening to audiobooks, and often obsessing over reality tv.

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The more hiking, gravel roads, and unpredictability, the better! We've made it a huge part of our lives to explore new places together.

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I'm an expert at finding the most beautiful, off-the-beaten path places. And I'm Always down for a Jeep ride.

I  first fell in love with traveling when I studied abroad in Tanzania and Kenya, east Africa, in undergrad. I taught English in a rural secondary school, volunteered with a conservation group working to protect elephants in Tsavo National Park, and camped out on the Serengeti during a four-day safari. That was the spark. I believe that life is best lived when it's filled with experiences that push you out of your comfort zone, bring joy to your soul, and help you find home anywhere you are.

Bucket list

Banff National Park, Canada
New Zealand
Everest Base Camp, Nepal
Chamonix, France
Patagonia, Chile

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love story

Then what?

The first time my husband, Conner, saw me, I was throwing my T-shirt onstage at a Florida Georgia Line concert.

Yep. I certainly knew how to make an impression. But we didn't actually meet then. We didn't meet until a year and a half later -- on Tinder. And even then, it took a few weeks of dating before we realized we'd been at the same concert. I'd been in the first row and he'd been in the second row. My friend and I had painted special T-shirts hoping the band would sign them for us, and we threw them onto the stage during the last song. (Unfortunately, they didn't sign them, and we didn't even get them back)

The guy in the second row saw this, and was so horrified he told everyone. Little did he know that was his first glimpse of his future wife.

And the wedding?

It only took me a month to know I wanted to marry him. He is the nicest, kindest, most respectful, most driven guy I'd ever met.

A little after a year of dating, we visited our friends in Nevada and made a road trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Neither of us had grown up traveling much, so the fact that we jumped into adventures together was really special.

Standing atop a trail with a 360 degree view of the canyon, we posed for a photo. Conner reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring, and I was totally shocked. I cried so hard I didn't even think to say yes at first. And then we just had to walk down, teary eyed, without falling into the canyon.

It was the best moment, and we can't wait to go back one day!

Baby makes three

We got married in October 2017, on the most beautiful Sunday! I cried at least five times: when I read the letter he wrote me before our ceremony, when I had a first look with my dad, when I walked down the aisle to my bawling husband, when a favorite song played during our reception, and when my bridesmaids gave me letters.

We were just so happy, and it was a wonderful day. It thundered during our ceremony, and our cake collapsed at the reception, but I didn't notice either one. I was also sick and lost most of my voice, so I spent the reception sneaking off to take more Dayquil. But nothing else mattered. NOTHING. We had the best time. That was all that mattered.

We spent our honeymoon in St. Thomas and began the most beautiful life together.

What Now?

Around our fifth wedding anniversary, I got a stubborn case of food poisoning that wouldn't go away. One doctor visit later, we found out it wasn't food poisoning. We were expecting our first daughter!

Zoe was born in June 2023. It's been such a blast to parent together and get to see her learn and grow. Every day she gets bigger and learns something new.

She is obsessed with our dogs and loves the outdoors, which makes us so happy and excited for the future. We can't wait to take her on camping trips and see the world.

I've also loved getting to photograph all her milestones, and it's reminded me how important photos are to preserve moments -- she changes so fast, and I've treasured every photo I have.

Take me Back

We call Lafayette, Indiana, home! Conner is a sheriff's deputy for Tippecanoe County, and we have lots of fur babies: Rowan, a golden-doodle; Britt, his police dog, a German Shepherd x Malinois mix; Boo Boo, our Eskimo dog foster; Pumpkin, our fluffy orange cat; and Ellie and Jewel, two Arabian horses.

We spend most of our free time watching true crime and planning our next trips. In lots of ways, we're opposites: Conner prefers the beach while I prefer mountains. He's a homebody while I like spontaneous adventures. I'll camp off the grid while he prefers nicer lodging. But the fun part of this is that we pull each other out of our comfort zones: I make him more adventurous, he makes me more focused. We're the perfect combination: like salted caramel. You can probably find us eating Señor Tacos.

I believe that the whole world is here for us to experience and enjoy, and that your love story is the greatest adventure you'll have.