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love, learning, + adventure

I'm Kelsey, and my favorite moments are the wild + windswept ones.

I'm a storyteller, and I've built my life around capturing real, raw, unfiltered emotions. If we work together, be prepared to get barefoot (maybe), be a little bit adventurous (definitely), and laugh a lot (probably at me).

Though I'm based in Lafayette, Indiana, I specialize in photographing elopements and small weddings worldwide. I know that love can take you anywhere, and I'm down for wherever your story takes you -- whether that’s the Nevada desert, a Serengeti safari, the top of Mount Rainier, or exploring your family farm just down the road. Can't wait to meet ya.

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I love the real, the dirty feet, the crooked grins

I specialize in small wedding and elopement photography because I love rich stories of love made up of cozy interactions. I think the sweetest parts of your day are sometimes the smallest, the way your best friend adjusts your bouquet, the way snowflakes land in your spouse's hair, your niece eating a cupcake with frosting on her nose.

I believe your day should reflect what you love the most, and should make you happy: a morning hike to say your vows at the top of a stunning trail in Washington with your dogs. A sunset ceremony with your family before cracking a cold one and dancing in your cabin in Colorado. I'll see you there.

If that sounds awesome, let's talk.

And if you do too, you're in the right place.