To second shoot at weddings


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Tell me some stuff about you! We're going to be friends.

Sometimes my second shooter is responsible for independently capturing things like reception details, one of the partners and their wedding party getting ready, or other necessary shots. Are you comfortable with this?

Tell me a little about your shooting style. Do you shoot in manual? What's your experience shooting in natural light? What's your experience shooting indoors? Do you shoot in Raw?

What gear do you own? Include camera bodies, lenses, and flashes.

Where can I see some of your work? Gimme your Instagram, Facebook page, or website. I'd love to see a full gallery if you have one!

How many weddings have you second shot previously?  How many weddings have you shot as the primary photographer?

Why are you interested in second shooting for Kelsey Lefever Photography?

Where are you located?

Phone Number

Email Address

Your Name

As a second shooter, you should:
* Be reliable, punctual, and organized.
* Be confident, upbeat, and kind to couples.
* Be able to spend up to 10 hours on your feet and shooting.
* Have a professional attitude.
* Work well under pressure.
* Have a genuine love for photography and want to learn and grow.
* Have a full frame DSLR or mirrorless camera and lenses.
* Love The Office. (Okay, I'm joking. Not required, but definitely bonus points)

Some weddings may involve travel! If you're in the Lafayette area, you're welcome to come along with me.

Extra job perks: I am the queen of snacks and will always have some for you, you get some fabulous reception dinners, you get to listen to all my bad jokes, you get to witness a fab love story, and you can learn all about shooting, gear, posing, and business details because I love talking about allll of it.

Sound good? Now the important stuff:

Hey! I'm looking for second photographers for some 2023 wedding dates. I love working with a second photographer because it means my couples get even more fabulous pictures, and I've found that I always learn something from the other photographers I work with too.

As a second photographer for Kelsey Lefever Photography, you'll come along to shoot a wedding with me (or lots of weddings!). We'll do a lot of shooting together on the day, and may sometimes split up to divide and conquer, like if the couple are getting ready separately. You may also assist with other miscellaneous tasks, like organizing family portraits, carrying gear, or managing light stands. I'll edit all photos for the couple's wedding day gallery, but you also are able to keep the raw files you shoot and are welcome to edit them yourself to display them in your portfolio and on social media.

Second shooters are paid per wedding based on experience and hours of wedding day coverage. Pay starts at $30 per hour.

Thank you!

Your message has been received. I'll be in touch soon.

To second shoot at weddings