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My results from the 2020 Shoot & Share Photo Contest

This spring, I entered some of my work in the 2020 Shoot & Share photo contest!

Shoot & Share is the only free and fair photo contest in the world. It’s run annually and is open to photographers internationally. There are 28 different categories and 12 rounds of public voting. It’s all anonymous and the photo sets shown to voters are random, so winners are chosen based on quality rather than following! This was my second year entering photos, and I was thrilled to spend a few weeks invested in voting again.

This year, 561,997 photos were submitted by 14,650 photographers. Shoot & Share teamed up photography industry businesses and communities to offer more than a million dollars in prizes. At the end of the competition, more than 63,000,000 votes were cast!

I’m pretty excited to have a photo place 11th, three others in the top 100, and two more finalists.  Others of my photos placed in the top 30%, 20%, and 10% in their categories.

Thanks to Shoot & Share for putting on such a cool photo contest yet again. 🙂 And I’m so excited for all my clients whose photos did so well!