Best Wedding Photographer of 2019

Recognized as a Best Wedding Photographer of 2019 by LooksLikeFilm

I’m thrilled to be recognized as a best wedding photographer of 2019 by LooksLikeFilm! LooksLikeFilm is an international photographer group.

I truly can’t explain how I excited I am. ❤️ LooksLikeFilm’s Facebook group inspired me so much over the years. Members shared sixty-two thousand images this year! In other words, I am incredibly flattered to have been chosen.

You can see LooksLikeFilm’s post dedicated to the best images of the year here. You’ll find some of my favorite photographers on the list too! For example, seeing my name listed alongside Abbi Hearne, Benj Haisch, Fire and Ice, and Jordan Voth felt pretty amazing.

Above all, this recognition of my work means a lot!

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