Abby + Cam

Boho engagement session at Turkey Run State Park

This was an extra special engagement session for me, because Abby has been my best friend since we were about 7 years old! Seriously. We’ve been inseparable since then, as awkward horse-loving girls, and both grew up to be photographers with wanderlust.

Abby spent a year living in Costa Rica doing mission work, and Cam is one of the sweetest, most Godly men that I know. I have no doubt they’re perfect for each other and it makes me happy to see him love my best friend so well. Not to mention they’re stunning, and she has the best hair ever.

Turkey Run has always been one of Abby’s favorite places, so we knew this was a perfect spot for their engagement session. She really wanted pictures that would make them look small in this beautiful place. As luck would have it, I was miserably sick on this day and felt like I could barely move, but forced myself get it together for their session time. When I started editing these pictures… all I can say is I should be sick more often, because they’re some of my favorites ever.

I love these two and can’t wait for their wedding in August! (as a maid of honor, yay!)