Shoot & Share Contest

My highest-placing images from the 2019 Shoot & Share Photo Contest

Results for the Shoot & Share photo contest are in! This year, almost 600,000 photos were entered from around the world. I’m thrilled to have 2 finalist photos, 3 in the top 10%, 12 in the top 20%, and 9 in the top 30%!

Shoot and Share is the world’s largest international photo contest, and it’s all free and fair. Voters are shown a random set of 4 photos in a category and they simply choose the best of the 4. They won’t know until the end who took the photos they choose to vote for. Nearly 200,000 people cast around 100 million votes, which is more than I can fathom!

Off to celebrate with some La Croix, and maybe I’ll buy myself a new houseplant. 🙃


TOP 30%


TOP 20%


TOP 10%