Zoey and Bazil

Senior cat photo session for Bazil’s last days in Lafayette, Indiana

A few weeks ago I got a message from a girl named Zoey. She wanted to set up a photo session with her cat, Bazil, and my heart melted immediately when I learned their story.

Zoey is 21. Bazil is 20. They’ve loved each other their whole lives, ever since Bazil was found as an orphaned kitten. They grew up together, and Bazil came to college with Zoey. She told me that they’ve cuddled pretty much every night of their lives. Bazil taps her foot when she wants attention, LOVES being outside, and has a squeaking giraffe toy that is her favorite.

But lately, Bazil has been sick. In the last few months, she’s started to have seizures, her appetite is gone, her energy plummeted and she doesn’t have much desire to play anymore. Zoey has had to take her to the vet weekly, or even three times a week, just in attempts to keep her comfortable, and is working two jobs on top of school to cover the costs. The night before our session, she was in the emergency clinic with Bazil.

I was struck, when I met these two, that it wasn’t a sad session. It was in the back of my mind, of course, but they just loved on each other. There were lots of smiles from Zoey, and laughs when Bazil was not tolerating the handmade flower crown. Bazil has lived a life full of love, and if they’ve gotten twenty years together, I’d say they’re more blessed than most.

For a week or two after we did pictures, things were better, but then took a turn for the worst. Bazil’s seizures came back, and as Zoey said, she could tell that she was getting tired. They’re preparing to say goodbye in the next few days. But still, Bazil just wants to comfort Zoey. Just last night, she said, Zoey woke up with Bazil resting her chin on her face, sound asleep.

Hug your fur babies.